Monday, 19 August 2013

Things That Go Bump All Through the Night.


So last night I was lying in bed and all of a sudden the night air was shattered with what sounded like a bird flapping around desperately, calling out strange, strangulated calls.  It continued for some time and as I was completely unable to sleep  and really annoyed, I went to get my hubby to go and check on what I determined must be an injured bird or one being attacked by a cat or something.


Ok, to be honest, I also thought about Alfred Hitchcock and the movie, "The Birds" and considered that perhaps we were all going to die. 


Even more reason to go and get hubby and have him check it out.


I opened the door, turned on the outside light, pushed him out the door in the general direction of the sound, closed the door, and went to watch from the safety of a window.  I am not sure why we hold the  curtains across our face like there is some kind of protective magnetic shield there.  Actually, let's face it, even glass is not going to stop Zombies if they wanna eat your brains out or something.  We might as well just all surrender to the monsters under our bed because we are never going to win against them.  I don't care how strong your night light is.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Path to Enlightenment.

the dark night

Life has always seemed to bring me both experiences and information in clusters. It is almost as if I have a personal research assistant dumping relevant information on my mind/desk for me to have a look at. Eventually the pile is so overwhelming, I have to take a look at it and sort through it or get buried.

One of those "issues" has been piling up fast and furious.

Many people seem to be abandoning organized religion or stepping into spirituality for the first time in their lives and "New Age" is touted as a viable alternative. It is a pretty vague classification and seems broad and relatively safe. Everyone is welcome and rules are loose and ambiguous.

It actually is no different than any of the other "religions."

Sheep can go right or left. Even if you are stampeding towards the right, the issue is still the same, you are not choosing it because you thought about it, or understand it, and are making a choice. Following someone and ending up at the finish line is not credit for a life well lived. It is not taking responsibility for yourself.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Bra Wars - I Survived.

bra wars

My grandmother told me that you should always do your bra up in the back.  It was one of the few things concerning my impending puberty that she handled personally and did not pass off to the maid or the good will of the fairies to explain.  I forget the whole reasoning behind it, just that it was realllly important.  I am sure it had a poem or a rhyme to go with it, but the gist was that if you took the shortcut and did your bra up in the front and then slid it around and slipped your arms in ... you would end up deformed or something.  Oh .. AND ... you were a lazy, improper young woman.


So instead of doing it the easy way you had to become like a contortionist and dislocate your arms so that they bent in a completely unnatural way and then force them AND your legs behind you so that you are in position to try and get eeeny teeeny little hooks into eeenier and teeenier little latches. 

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

A Threesome?? It Must be Spring!

Most of you know my hubby is like Snow White without the dress or the dwarves ... or a prince charming ... or a wicked step mother ... or an apple .... ya .. except for those things he is EXACTLY like Snow White from the Disney Movie!  You know how she wanders through the woodlands with all the little birdies hovering around her and the creatures following her?  Wait .. maybe that was Cinderella ... or Sleeping Beauty???  I am pretty sure it is NOT the little Mermaid because that would be silly to think of little birds in the ocean .. they would be bobbing not flying because birds bob when they are dead in the water.  They can't swim.  Don't ask me how I know that.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Ho Ho Hum.

Merry Christmas in July

I went to a Christmas in July dinner.

They invited a bush poet .

I have to say part of my discomfort with it all may have been because I was in my camping gear, with my mosquito net and fly deflecting cork bobbers all in place, prepared for the bush and all it could throw at me while everyone else was in nice dinner gear.

Yes, you can make a fascinator out of that stuff.

Watch Me!

watch me

When I was a child my grandmother used to tell us a story about this little girl that was always bragging about how she was better than everyone else.  One day her mother bought her a beautiful new watch and told her that even though they were going to have a huge dinner party, and lots of people would be there, she was NOT to show people her watch and tell them how expensive it was etc.  She had to learn to stop bragging.  It is not nice and no-one likes it.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

My Inspiration for the Day - Ryan Scott.

Our home was always full of an extra kid or two.
They were kids off the street, friends and boy/girl friends of our own kids, and sometimes relatives.  They were kids who needed a safe place to sleep, something to eat, and human contact.  They were kids who might have needed some time to sort out their relationships with their own families or maybe
contact with social agencies who could help them.  Some stayed longer than others.
Most of all we wanted them to experience family, with all its pluses and minuses and to know that someone cared about what happened to them.  We reminded them that they are not perfect or always right.  Sometimes we reminded them that parents are human too and make mistakes but in the end, most parents love their kids.  Most kids love their parents.  There are very few things in this life that cannot be worked out, very few mistakes that cannot be fixed.  We applied first aid and bandaids and carried on with life.