Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Adulthood or Bust.

Adulthood or Bust

You know educated people call them "ruins" or "archaeological finds" or "geological wonders" but as kids we just thought they were just our aunts old house, the Old Miller place, some neat rocks and other cool playgrounds left for us to enjoy.

We climbed in caves and found petrified bones and Indian Heads and carvings and scattered them amongst our GiJoes and our Barbies and Chatty Cathy's. In fairness to us ... all broken things tend to blend together in one big pile of stuff we need to shove under our bed when company is coming.

I guess that is why our parents were always screaming at us to "Grow up!"

Adults learn to hide their broken things in less obvious places.
Evidently it is important to hurry past the carefree days of childhood and move into the part of adulthood where you live with all the regrets of realizing had you hung on to any of that stuff, you might have been rich OR famous ...

... heck if you have even refrained from cutting Barbie's hair and just been willing to look at her in the box until the urge to play passed ... you could have been rich ...

Then there is that sinking realization that the best of your life was under a bed somewhere with Barbie, GIJoe and some dinosaur fossils and although you would give anything for 5 more minutes to just lie in the dark under that bed with all that cool stuff and only worry about how fast you can eat all the Halloween Candy before your brother finds out you have taken his stash you realize all you have left of that time is a pocket full of .... lint ... and maybe a stale peppermint.

Most kids fail at life in that way ...

It's called "growing up."

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